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Syndol for headaches PDF Print Email

Syndol was very popular with many people as a headache treatment and pain killer and then became unavailable at the beginning of 2014 and people wondered what had happened to it. A new product was launched later that year call Syndol Headache relief.


Sanofi, who are the makers of Syndol, said they were having difficulty with the manufacture of doxylamine and had to remove it from the formulation.  The original product contained doxylamine as well as caffeine, paracetamol and codeine phosphate.  Doxylamine is an antihistamine with sedating effects but also enhances the effects of codeine.  Sanofi say they are continuing to work on the Syndol ingredients and hope to include doxylamine again in the future.

Many people still ask for the original Syndol as they think it was more effective.


Although some people specifically search out products that don’t contain caffeine if you are happy to take it the treatment may work faster.  Paracetamol and codeine combinations with caffeine are usualy the most effective but if you would rather avoid caffeine as an active ingredient you can try having a cup of coffee or tea at the same tie to help the active ingredients work faster.


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