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Folic Acid Awareness Day 1 May PDF Print Email

1 May 2014 is Folic Acid Awareness Day.


Folic acid is a natural supplement any pregnant woman can take and is recommended pretty much universally to help the health of your baby.  Research has shown folic acid can significantly reduce the possibility of a baby being born with spina bifida.


The majority of parents, over 80%, who are told their pregnancy is affected by spina bifida elect to have a termination – a traumatic and often psychologically damaging experience where they have to give birth to the well developed foetus.

Many of the estimated 800 women every year who go through this could be spared this heart-breaking experience if statutory authorities would put more into raising the message that Folic Acid can be a huge help – something the World Health Authority urges all Governments to address.

The charity Shine campaigns continually for better awareness and a change in behaviour. See


If you are trying to get pregnant or already pregnant you can visit your local pharmacy to but folic acid or to discuss any issues further with the pharmacist.