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No Smoke Means Better For Baby And You PDF Print Email

The Lancet published some research today confirming what, I think, all of us already know and is pretty obvious.  The ban on smoking in public has had positive effects not least of which is the rapid falls in preterm births – babies born early before the usual 40 weeks.

Louise Silverton , director for midwifery at the Royal College of Midwives, commented on the research saying: "This shows how important a smoke free environment is for pregnant women, babies and children.

"There is a pressing need to support partners and family members to stop smoking and if we encourage a smoke free home, there can be further improvements. We recognise it is hard to stop smoking but if the family does it together, they can provide support to each other."


Hardly ground-breaking but people are still smoke in circumstances they shouldn’t without realising the effects it can have on others.  If you smoke go outide away from anyone that could be affected by your smoke.  Do not smoke inside or in cars - it is not just you being harmed.


If you want to give up, want to help someone give up or are worried about any effect this could be having on health you can pop in to your local pharmacist for advice.