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Prescription Charges To Rise PDF Print Email

Health Minister Earl Howe has announced a 20p rise in prescription charges to £7.85  from April 1st 2013.


Many health charities and some people feel the prescription charges are arbitrary, outdated and inequitable, given that the list of exemptions has hardly been updated since its introduction in the 1960s.


They state that prescription charges have risen every year since 1979, and this further increase will impact on those who are already struggling to afford the essential medication required to keep them well.


There are also many who believe in these extremely tough economic times a 20p rise is necessary and reasonable.


The Coalition is due to publish its report ‘Paying The Price’ on March 11th which looks at what ‘price’ society is really paying for prescription charges.  It may well be time for some reform of the system?


One major factor in the nations medication bill is wastage and there are many medicines that are not being used properly or even taken at all and this increase the burden on cost for everyone.


It is very important you take you medicines correctly as instructed and dispose of any unwanted medication at your local pharmacy.  It is also vital you are on the correct medicine as many new, often more effective or convenient treatments become available all the time.


Whether you - or if you are a carer - have any queries at all or are unsure of how you should be taking your medicines please visit your local pharmacy who will be happy to offer quick, friendly advice.  They can also provide a Medicine Use Review (MUR) where they will look at and discuss all treatments you are taking and review whether you should be on something more appropriate and check you are taking them correctly.