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MPs take diabetes test – so should you


The  Opposition Leader Ed Miliband MP,  Cabinet Minister and Conservative Party Chairman, Baroness Warsi, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats Simon Hughes MP, along with 65 other Members of Parliament attended the recent launch of the Silver Star diabetes challenge at the Houses of Parliament. On Wednesday 19th October, as part of Diwali at Westminster, MP’s took the quick and easy Type 2 diabetes test to help raise awareness of the need for public testing for the disease.  Your local pharmacy is also able to offer advice on diabetes and should be able to provide a quick and simple test.


As part of the Challenge, MPs were issued with a Pedometer that will measure the amount of steps taken over 50 Parliamentary Days. The public can keep track of their MP’s position on the Silver Star website and the winner of the 50 day challenge will be announced in February 2012.


Special Guest Hari Dhillon, Dr. Michael Spence on BBC’s Holby City, joined in the effort to highlight the problem of diabetes worldwide, ‘The evening was a triumph and I was delighted to contribute to such a worthwhile cause’.

Launched in January 2007, Silver Star is a registered charity campaigning to raise diabetes awareness. The Charity runs Mobile Diabetes Units (MDU) that carry out important diabetes testing and promote culturally sensitive healthcare, with particular regard to the high prevalence of diabetes in the major towns and cities of Britain. The Units travel to local community centres, schools, work places and other organisations. The Mobile Diabetes Assessment Units have testing equipment, beds, washing facilities and an entrance for disabled people.


The NHS spends £1 million an hour on diabetes related illnesses and it is estimated that more than 1 million people in the UK may have diabetes without knowing it.

Chairman of the Trustees for Silver Star, Dr Modhwadia said ‘The diabetes test is so quick and easy. It takes two minutes and can save lives. I am delighted that so many MPs have decided to take the test today and have undertaken the Challenge as it raises awareness of this largely unseen health condition”.


If you suffer from diabetes, or would like to discuss any aspect of the condition, your local pharmacy is an ideal place to visit without needing an appointment.