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A New Treatment Choice May Offer Fresh Hope For People With Psoriasis


An easy-to-use, once daily gel treatment for psoriasis has been launched, offering an alternative formulation to creams and ointments. Dovobet® (calcipotriol/bethamethasone dipropionate) Gel is the first and only once-daily, dual-action gel formulation suitable for mild to moderate body psoriasis and scalp psoriasis. The gel formulation looks set to offer a more patient-friendly treatment choice for those living with psoriasis. In a recent survey 51% (n= 102) of those living with psoriasis were not satisfied with their current treatments. Psoriasis - The Psychological Impact of Psoriasis is a chronic, inflammatory skin condition that affects around one in 50 people.


According to psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos, "Anyone living with psoriasis - either themselves or through a loved one - will know how challenging it can be living with the physical and social impact of the condition. Psoriasis can have a negative effect on all aspects of life, leading to relationship problems, work problems, social isolation and in some case resulting in depression. In fact, the impact of psoriasis upon both physical and emotional functioning can be comparable to that seen in cancer, arthritis, hypertension, heart disease or diabetes. "

A recent Opinion Health survey found that 68% of those living with psoriasis had had their confidence knocked by the condition, with 66% admitting to being embarrassed by their condition.2 It is estimated that a diagnosis of psoriasis may claim the lives of 350 sufferers each year through suicide. Treatments applied to the skin (topical treatments) are usually prescribed first-line for people with mild or moderate psoriasis, however, having to frequently apply messy treatments that smell and leave stains on clothing and bedlinen only adds to the negative impact of having the condition.

"Topical treatments can be extremely effective when they are used properly," he says. "Sadly, studies suggest that up to 40% of psoriasis patients do not use their treatments appropriately and this is often because they find them messy, time-consuming, and unpleasant to use.8, It is important for patients not to give up hope in terms of finding a treatment that is suitable for them. I would always encourage anyone living with psoriasis to return to their doctor to talk about the impact that the condition is having on them both physically and emotionally, and discuss if there may be a new treatment choice that could work for them."

Gel formulation a major step forward
Dovobet® Gel combines two compounds with complementary mechanisms of action, a topical corticosteroid called betamethasone dipropionate and a vitamin D3 analogue calcipotriol. The gel is suitable for use on mild to moderate body psoriasis and scalp psoriasis and only needs to be applied once a day. When patients were given the gel formulation to try, 95% found it easy to apply; with most reporting that it was quickly absorbed into the skin with a light/thin, less-greasy formulation which allows the skin to breathe.1* Patients preferred the gel over an ointment formulation, and 75% of those who tried it said they were either extremely or likely to ask for the gel formulation.1*


Psoriasis patient, Rena Ramani who has lived with the condition for 20 years said: 

"Living with psoriasis can be incredibly debilitating, not just physically but psychologically and emotionally. Although symptoms appear on the skin's surface, the impact of psoriasis is far from superficial. Every single day you have to wake up and see your psoriasis in the mirror. Many of those living with the condition can suffer in silence. Once I opened up to friends and family about how I felt, it made living with my psoriasis a lot more bearable. I would also encourage anyone living with the condition to go back to their doctor and seek advice about managing their condition as there may be new options they have not yet tried."

95% patients found a gel formulation easy to apply *

About Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic, inflammatory disease affecting approximately 2% of the population, which equates to over a million people in the UK. 50-80% of people living with psoriasis will also suffer from a degree of scalp psoriasis.  For further information on psoriasis