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Dispensing Medicine Appliances
We can supply medical appliances and offer information and clinical advice if you use any of the following appliances: certain catheter appliances, tracheostomy and laryngectomy appliances; anal irrigation systems; a vacuum pump or constrictor ring for erectile dysfunction, wound drainage pouches, incontinence appliances and stoma appliances. We can also deliver it to your home at a convenient time to you.
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Dispensing Medicines
We can dispense your NHS and private prescriptions for you. Information and advice will be offered to you, to help you (and carers) use your medicines safely and effectively. We will also keep appropriate records. We keep a comprehensive stock of medicines and use a fast and efficient wholesaler service to enable us to fill all prescriptions promptly.
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Emergency Contraception (Local Enhanced Service)
If you have had unprotected sex (sex without using contraception or you think that your contraception might have failed) it may be possible, if an accredited pharmacist is on duty, to be made a supply of the emergency contraception pill (morning after pill) over the counter at your local Northwood Pharmacy. This treatment should be taken within 3-5 days (72-120 hours) of having had unprotected sex. It is more effective the sooner it is taken. You may be entitled to this service with the cost of a prescription charge. Or in certain circumstances, if you are between 13 - 19 years this may be available free. This service is available at all Northwood Pharmacies but it may be advisable to telephone your local branch prior to your visit.
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Healthy Heart Checks
An accredited Pharmacist or fully trained member of pharmacy staff can provide a vascular risk assessment and management service for people in a target group (typically people aged 40 to 74 years of age who have not had a previous diagnosis of vascular disease) in order to improve your awareness of your vascular risk and how to minimise or manage that risk. The results of the risk assessment will be explained to you and will be added to your pharmacy record and shared with your GP. Brief healthy lifestyle advice and support can be offered to all people receiving this service to assist you with managing and/or reducing your risk. If you are found to be at moderate or high risk an appropriate intervention and referral, where required, will be offered in line with national and local guidance. If a pre-existing disease is suspected or identified, you will be referred to your GP. * Only available if commissioned in accordance with a local agreement.
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Medicine Use Review
If you have a long-term health condition, especially Cardiovascular or an illness which effects your breathing such as Asthma or COPD and take medicines prescribed by your doctor, your pharmacist can meet with you to undertake and MUR. They will discuss when is the best time to take your medicines, any side effects, and how your drugs might interact with over the counter products or food/alcohol. It will allow you to learn more about your medicines and ask questions you may have. It\'s a free service and will only take between 10-20 minutes. Contact your local Northwood Pharmacy for a Medicine Use Review (MUR) appointment.
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Minor Ailments Scheme
Customers of Northwood Pharmacies have access to the minor ailments scheme for common health problems such as Cystitis and Impetigo. These can be treated with over-the-counter products by the Pharmacist without needing to see your doctor just for a prescription.
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New Medicine Service
For a number of reasons, including side effects, the need for further information and practicalities of taking their medicines, it is estimated that between 33 and 50% of medicines are not taken as prescribed. The NMS provides early support to patients to identify any problems they may be having with their medicines and identify solutions to these problems. As part of the service any further information you may need is also provided. This should enable you to maximise the benefits of the medication they have been prescribed. This consultation is based on three discussions with the pharmacist based on different times after starting the new medication prescribed to you.
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Palliative Care
This service is aimed at the supply of specialist medicines, the demand for which may be urgent and/or unpredictable, for example palliative care, tuberculosis and bacterial meningitis treatments. We stock a locally agreed range of specialist medicines and will make a commitment to ensure that users of this service have prompt access to these medicines at all times agreed with the local commissioning body. Our fully trained Pharmacist can provide information and advice to the patient, carer and clinician. Referral to specialist centres, support groups or other health and social care professionals is also available, where appropriate. * Only available if commissioned in accordance with a local agreement.
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Seaonal Flu Vaccination
During the seasonal influenza vaccination campaign period, pharmacy staff can identify people who fall within the nationally agreed target groups, who are a priority for influenza vaccination and will encourage them to be vaccinated. The immunisation programme will be focused between 1st September and 31st January. Eligible patients who do not have any contra-indications to vaccination will be offered vaccination by a fully trained and accredited Pharmacist. The vaccination will be administered under the authority of a locally agreement which will include the locally agreed eligibility criteria. * Only available if commissioned in accordance with a local agreement
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Unwanted Medicines
Do not attempt to dispose of medicines yourself, instead please return all unwanted medicines to the pharmacy where we will dispose of them safely. We accept unwanted medicines, from households and individuals, which require safe disposal. Medicines will be collected and disposed of safely from pharmacies
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