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Smoking Cessation with NRT

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Smoking Cessation with NRT


Kick the Habit Now!
Why Quit Smoking?

Physical and psychological Smoking creates both physical and psychological dependency. Breaking both these habits at once is a very big challenge. It's so big, in fact, that only 3% of smokers make it without help.

Reasons for quitting The reasons for giving up smoking are varied, from the health risks and protecting family and friends, to saving money (think what you could buy with the money you currently spend on cigarettes!) or to stop smoking from interrupting daily routines. Whether you're interested in finding out more about quitting, are planning to quit soon, or are already trying, we know how difficult it is to break the habit. Whatever your motivations for quitting, the following pages will take you through tips to make quitting easier and provide information about the therapy options available to help you reach your goal of a healthier, wealthier, happier, smoke-free you!

Once you quit your skin will look better and teeth and nails will lose that yellow tinge. Your breathing will become easier and your blood pressure will lower. Food and drink will taste better and you will feel fitter and smell fresher. Even in middle age, stopping smoking improves health and substantially reduces the risk of death.

Want help to stop smoking?
Whilst some smokers will decide to go 'cold turkey', quitting using willpower alone can be challenging and success rates are low. During a quit attempt the combination of cravings and being surrounded by smokers can often be too much. This is when additional support, such as nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), helps prevent you from relapsing and can increase your chances of success compared to willpower alone. Every smoker is different and NRT products are available to suit individual needs and lifestyles, and work in combination with willpower to give you the right support you need.

NRT works by delivering lower doses of nicotine without exposure to the other harmful chemicals in cigarette smoke. This will help you to control your cravings and eventually overcome them completely. NRT can help to break the habit of smoking but even so, some smokers just aren't ready to give up smoking straightaway. For those people, focusing initially on reducing the number of cigarettes, over a number of weeks before attempting to quit, can make the process easier. With a 'Cut Down Then Stop' programme, you should aim to give up smoking completely within six months by gradually replacing cigarettes with NRT and then lowering your doses of nicotine down to zero. Finally, if you're still struggling to stay on track, don't forget that there are other sources of help and support you can turn to. Encouragement from friends and family can be invaluable, or some people prefer to call quit-lines or register with website support programmes (eg ActiveStop). Speak to your pharmacist too. They will be able to advise you or recommend alternative products if you need to change. There are a wide range of NRT products to ensure you can find one that's right for you.

Stop smoking on your own terms

NICORETTE® InvisiPatch
  • A new generation 16-hour patch!
  • Recommended if you want to quit straight away
  • Discreet, easy to use, once-aday solution
  • For those who smoke 10 or more cigarettes a day and want discreet control of their cravings
  • Nicorette 25mg Invisipatch is our most effective patch ever*, proven to be 44% more effective at helping smokers quit**
  • Gives you a great start in your quit attempt
*For those who smoke 10 or more cigarettes a day.
**at 12 weeks, compared with our previous patch programme.

  • A flexible and discreet microtablet
  • Recommended if you want to quit straight away or cut down then stop.
  • Dissolves under the tongue

NICORETTE® Nasal Spray
  • No faster way to relieve strong cravings!
  • Recommended if you want to quit straight away
  • For highly dependant smokers who need fast-acting relief from strong cravings


NICORETTE® Inhalator

  • Helps control your cravings and keeps your hands busy!
  • Recommended if you want to quit straight away or cut down then stop
  • For those who are likely to miss the hand-to-mouth habit of smoking

  • Discreet and flexible
  • Recommended if you want to quit straight away or cut down then stop
  • Great tasting flavours to chose from, including Nicorette IcyWhite Gum, that tastes like gum should and also helps improve teeth whiteness
  • For smokers who like using gum as a fast method of controlling cravings

Busting some of the myths about Nicotine
Myth: Nicotine causes the diseases related to smoking

Fact: It is the toxins in cigarette smoke and not the nicotine that is responsible for most of the harmful effects.

Myth: Nicotine Replacement Therapy is no safer than smoking

Fact: NRT delivers a controlled dose of therapeutic nicotine without exposure to the tar and other toxic chemicals in cigarette smoke.

Myth: Nicotine stains your fingers and teeth

Fact: It is in fact the tar in cigarettes that causes the stains.

Myth: NRT results in weight gain

Fact: Most smokers put on weight when they stop smoking. However, some forms of Nicotine Replacement Therapy, such as Nicorette Gum, have been shown to help control weight during a quitting attempt.


Stay positive
Make a list of the reasons you want to stop smoking and put it somewhere you will see it to help you get through those times when your resolve weakens.

Whenever you feel the urge to smoke take your mind off it by keeping active. The less you think about smoking the easier it will be to stay strong - remember, the occasional cigarette will only make you crave more so don't give in! One of the really noticeable things about stopping smoking is you'll be saving money. Use the cash you would normally have spent on cigarettes to buy yourself a treat!

Take control
When you feel you need a cigarette, remind yourself of all the reasons you decided to stop smoking in the first place. Do you really want to throw all your hard work away?

Research shows that you are twice as likely to succeed by using nicotine replacement therapy compared to willpower alone. Controlled doses of nicotine can minimise cravings as well as help you to break the habit of smoking.

If you're in a social situation try carrying a drink to keep your hands occupied. If you link smoking with alcohol, try switching to soft drinks or chewing gum can help you to resist that urge to smoke. You could also substitute cigarettes with NRT such as a microtab or inhalator.

And finally...Relapses can happen, so don't despair! Many ex-smokers usually try several times before being successful. Think of your relapse as a temporary set back, rather than a failure. Use the experience and learn from it so that next time you won't be tempted again.

If you quit smoking now...
According to research by ASH, with a packet of 20 costing an average price of £5.40, if you're a 20-a-day smoker, you'll spend over £1,900 on cigarettes over a year. So if you stop now you will save yourself almost £40,000 over the next 20 years. But you don't have to wait that long before you'll notice you have more money in your pocket.

Time after stodivdiving smoking:
Quit Date
alt Of course you have to pay for the nicotine replacement products, but with the very first cigarette you don't smoke on your quit date, you'll be able to buy a 27p pack of chewing gum.
Quit Date
alt The next day you'll be a £5.40 pack better off enabling you to rent a DVD. Two days after quitting you'll have £10 saved - the cost of a new book. And reading is a great way to take your mind off smoking.
Quit Date
alt Or if music is more your scene - then after three days you'll have saved £16.20 - enough to buy a new CD.
Quit Date

Just four days after quitting you'll be £21.60 better off - time to splash out with a partner or friend on a meal for two.
Quit Date

Between 2 and 12 weeks of quitting you'll have saved between £75.60 and £453.60 - the cost of an mp3 player or a city break.
Quit Date

Three to nine months after your last cigarette you'll have saved approximately £453.60 to £1,360.80 enough to buy a mountain bike or TV.
Quit Date

After five years you'll have saved £9,825 - enough to take the family on holiday to the Bahamas.
Quit Date

And after ten years with the £19,650 you would have saved you'll be able to splash out on a brand new car. Also, after 10 years of not smoking, the risk of lung cancer falls to half that of a smoker, and the risk of heart attack falls to same as someone who has never smoked.
And it's not just smokers who are better off financially if they give up. We all benefit because our taxes pay the £2.7BILLION a year that it costs the NHS to treat diseases caused by smoking.

Hopefully this will have helped motivate you to kick the habit! For more information, please visit: the first step to a healthier you! WANT HELP TO STOP SMOKING? Go to Nicorette gum is a stop smoking aid. Contains nicotine. Requires willpower. Always read the label.