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The Future of Food

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The Future of Food


The Future Of Food
Q In my local supermarket I keep seeing foods which claim to reduce cholesterol or promote a healthy heart – what exactly are they and are they worth buying?

A These are ‘functional foods’, so-called because they have the specific purpose of offering extra health benefits and they’re becoming more and more popular. They include breakfast cereals and drinks that have been fortified with extra vitamins and foods that have a healthy ingredient added to them. For example, one bread manufacturer has enriched their product with soya and linseed, because they have been linked to easing symptoms of the menopause. You can now buy several margarine spreads that promise to lower your cholesterol level. In France you can buy a chocolate called Carrés Mémoire that has the added ingredient phosphatidcholine – a substance that is said to boost memory and concentration! In the US you can even buy soup that has the immune-booting herb echinacea in it! To safeguard things in the UK, in order to claim a food is capable of preventing or treating an illness, it must get a licence under the Medicines Act. It’s also important to remember that a ‘wonder’ product will only offer real benefits if it’s combined with other lifestyles changes such as following a healthy diet and taking regular exercise. They’re designed to enhance, not replace, healthy eating.

Useful Tips
Go Nuts! A report in The British Medical Journal revealed that people who ate nuts several times a week had a substantially reduced risk of heart attack.