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What you will need to Stop Smoking

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What you will need to Stop Smoking


Stopping smoking is not easy but it can be done. To be successful you have to really want to stop and you have to be ready.
There are over 12 million ex-smokers in the UK. They have done it, so you can too! Many smokers need more than one attempt before they stop completely but each time they learn more about themselves and what it may take for the next attempt.

Have a look at other peoples stories who have given up, you can see them on the internet or contact organisations such as the NHS or Quit. Many of those trying to give up find inspiration from other people's stories. Hundreds of ex-smokers enter Quitter of the Year and you can see their stories at the Quit website
It's important to get as much support as possible from family and friends, work colleagues, local support groups and specialist smokers clinics. You can ring the free NHS smoking helpline on 0800 169 0 169 or Quitline 0800 00 22 00 at any time during your quitting process, where friendly counsellors offer confidential help and advice.
Methods that work
You need to find the best method to suit you. Perhaps you can do it with willpower alone but often additional support can make a significant difference. Discuss the options with your doctor or pharmacist.

Giving up
Every smoker's experience of trying to give up is different and what works for one successful quitter will not necessarily work for another. However, there are certain things that many smokers find helpful so you can create your own plan on how to quit. You can try all or any of the suggestions below.

Your plan
To help you through the first few vital weeks of giving up there are a number of ideas that you may like to try. They can be used on their own or combined, just choose whichever appeals the most and you feel may suit you best. There is guidance to help you prepare, a table to weigh up the pros and cons - for instance you may feel a benefit is you like the taste and a reason to quite the money you will save - and a diary. If at any time you feel talking to someone would give you an extra boost then remember to ring one of the helplines for a chat with a trained and friendly adviser.