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Food for Energy


Food for Energy
What you eat can have a dramatic influence on your energy levels during the day. This may affect your performance at work, your moods and influence whether you feel like doing things such as exercising or socialising. The type of food you eat is just as important as the number of calories you consume. Although the calorific amount will tell you how much energy a particular food contains, it gives no hint as to how energetic it will actually make you feel. The amount of food and energy you need varies from day-to-day, depending on what you're doing. A busy day at work will burn up far more energy than an afternoon spent in front of the television. Therefore, to boost your stamina you need to eat the right foods at the right time.
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Everybody's level of energy varies during the day, due to natural cycles in the body's metabolism and changes in our blood sugar levels. Our metabolic rate determines how quickly we use up energy. It's at its highest first thing in the morning, so eating a substantial breakfast will really help to keep you going until lunchtime.