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DescriptionMenstruation is bleeding from the vagina and occurs in adolescent girls and women. It normally happens once a month (every 28 days although between 24 and 35 days is common). Periods are part of the menstrual cycle and help your body prepare for the possibility of becoming pregnant. Your periods will usually start between the ages of 12-13 but can occur anywhere between 9- 16 years and will continue until the menopause. Your first menstrual cycle is known as the Menarche. The menstrual cycle begins on the first day of bleeding until the first day of your next period. The bleeding can last up to 10 days but 4-5 is more common with the first couple of days heaviest. The amount of blood loss can vary from period to period and woman to woman. You may think blood loss is heavy but it will normally only fill about 4- 12 teaspoons in total (80ml). Some period pain is common and normal. In the past, menstruation has been considered a taboo subject by some people however, it is important to discuss the subject with girls before their teens so they do not experience the potential embarrassment or trauma if they start their first period without knowing what to expect.Try and prepare this discussion or speak to a health professional.
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