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Details for Warts & Verrucae
NameWarts & Verrucae
DescriptionWarts are small growths on the skin, which are usually harmless. There are a number of different types of warts. Common warts are round with a rough surface and are usually the same colour as the skin or brown in colour. Plane or flat warts are smaller and flatter than common warts and tend to occur on the face and hands. Warts situated on the soles of the foot or around the toes are called plantar warts or verrucae. A verruca starts as a tiny pink area speckled with black dots but can become dark with a rough crumbly layer of skin with a ‘pepper pot’ appearance. Verrucae vary in size and can be as big as half an inch (1.25cm). They can also be grouped together or spread around the foot. Genital warts are pink in colour and often have a cauliflower appearance. If you have a number of small warts they can mass together to form a mosaic wart.
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