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Details for Hair Loss
NameHair Loss
DescriptionIn the UK there are around 4.8 million women and 7.6 million men who suffer from hair loss problems.Hair drops out naturally at the end of the growing cycle, at approximately 100 a day. Hair loss occurs when the old hairs are shed and no new hair is growing from beneath to replace it. There are three main types of hair loss which affect both men and women; alopecia areta (immune system attacks the hair as if it were a foreign agent and results in bald patches), alopecia totalis (very rare – total hair loss) but the most common (around 95% of hair loss) is hereditary hair loss, androgenetic alopecia. With this type of hair loss the hair follicles shrink in size, the hair produced is shorter, finer and much less visible. Eventually, the hair follicle will shut down completely.
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