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Rotavirus Gastroenteritishot!Tooltip 02/08/2011 Hits: 18150
Rotavirus is a virus that infects the stomach and intestines and is the most common cause of gastroenteritis (stomach upsets) in children. The virus is passed on via faeces and there are many ways in which this can happen. Hands are commonly implicated in the spread of rotavirus, with the virus being picked up when using the toilet, by touching a child’s potty, or cleaning up body secretions such as vomit from a sick child. It is so infectious that it can even be spread by small droplets in the air, which can then be breathed in through the mouth or nose. Rotavirus gastroenteritis is extremely common in young children, usually affecting those aged 3 months to 3 years, with most children being infected at least once by the age of five. As natural immunity to rotavirus builds up with each infection, repeat infections tend to be less severe and adults rarely become ill from rotavirus. Infection is most common in the winter and spring months.