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Osteoporosishot!Tooltip 02/08/2011 Hits: 18676
Healthy bones have a thick outer shell mostly made up of calcium salts and a strong inner mesh. The inner mesh is made up of a protein called collagen, calcium salts, and other minerals. The inner mesh has a hollow down its middle where the blood vessels and bone marrow can be found. Vitamin D is vital for healthy bones as it controls how much calcium gets into our bodies and how much of that gets into our bones. So two factors are vital for growing and maintaining healthy bones: 1/ an adequate supply of calcium in our diet and 2/ adequate levels of vitamin D in our bodies. Osteoporosis means ‘porous bones' and occurs when calcium and minerals in the bone mesh are lost so the mesh size becomes bigger, making it spongy and weak. This results in loss of bone density and when this happens bones become fragile. Osteoporosis can affect the whole skeleton but is most important when it affects the bones in the wrist, spine and hip making them fragile and more likely to collapse or break or fracture.