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Licehot!Tooltip 02/09/2011 Hits: 18292
Lice are small, wingless, insects that feed on blood from the human body. There are three types of lice that live on different parts of the body: the head louse, body louse and pubic louse. Fullygrown adult head lice are greyish-brown in colour and are about the size of a sesame seed, they feed on blood from the human scalp. Head lice eggs are creamy brown in colour and are glued tightly to the base of individual hairs close to the scalp. The eggs are very small (about 0.8mm long) and oval-shaped. After 7-10 days the eggs hatch and leave empty egg cases (nits). These are white and shiny and are usually found further down the hair shaft. Once hatched it takes a further 7-10 days for the growing louse to be capable of laying its own eggs. Body lice are slightly larger than head lice and they live in cloth fibres rather than on body hair. Pubic lice, which are 1-2 mm long, live in pubic hair and sometimes eyelashes.