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Head Licehot!Tooltip 02/09/2011 Hits: 18520
Head lice are small wingless insects that feed on blood from the scalp. Fully grown adult head lice are greyish-brown in colour and about the size of a sesame seed. The adult head louse lives for about 30 days and the female louse can lay eggs for all of her adult life. Head lice eggs are creamy brown in colour and the female head louse glues them tightly to the base of the individual hairs close to the scalp so that the young lice are able to feed as soon as they hatch. The eggs are very small (less than 1mm long). It takes approximately 7 days for a head louse to hatch and after this the young louse goes through 3 “nymphal” stages lasting approximately 10 days in total until they are mature enough to be capable of laying their own eggs. Head lice only live on the human scalp. A magnifying glass can be useful in identifying these small insects since it is possible to mistake dirt, flakes of skin or hair muffs for an infestation. “Nits” or empty egg cases remain glued to the hair unless they are physically removed using the fingers or a fine toothed comb therefore the presence of these empty egg cases does not necessarily indicate a current infection.
Headachehot!Tooltip 02/09/2011 Hits: 18703
Most of us get headaches from time to time and they are usually relieved with a couple of overthe- counter painkillers, a rest or something to eat. However, some headaches are more frequent or severe and can cause concern and disrupt family, social and working life. There are various types of headache with different ways of treating them.